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Joules Graves: Home

Joules Graves is an eco-feminist poet songwriter who crafts her songs with the live audience in mind. Her goal is to help people to relinquish their singing or dancing inhibitions amongst one another for the optimal unification around peace-related issues. Her shows are like a unilateral peace rally, celebrating our constitutionally granted FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. Whether it's about overcoming sexism, homophobia, or multinational corporation's many abuses of every form of life on planet Earth, this music is for the great fun of unity with one another as we sing as one voice to poke fun at the insanity of humanity. Inspired by Emma Goldman's famous quote: "If I can't dance, I want no part of your revolution." Chime in to know that you are not alone in these concerns and feel the empowerment of joyfully uniting with the people.

Peace, Love, and Hippie shit,


joules drumming blurred